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Just wanted to find out if anyone else has had the same problem that I have encountered with my rear wiper blade (2006 EX). Last year, it seemed ok, but this year it is almost completely rusted. The car has not been garaged (much) but I have a garage now so I want to replace the rusted piece for a new one that will be protected from the changes in weather going forward.
- Has anyone else had this problem?
- Has anyone else replaced this item/piece?
- What did you do/How did you solve the problem?
- How much did that cost?
- I have read about some members installing the rear wiper arm from an Element. Why did you choose to make the switch? (price, quality, ability to tilt it off the window?)
- Are Element wiper arm/blade/housing compatable with Gen 2.5 CR-vs or just the Gen 1
Thanks in advance for answering my excessive list of questions,
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