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Hi all. I just bought a 2007 and will soon be driving it to Fairbanks to stay a few months. The return trip is in December, for which (and while there) I'll need snow tires. I'm lucky to have an extra set already, so I'd like to take them with. But they're on 16" wheels, so I have to take both, and total I think that's around 200 lbs. Too much for the roof, I think, so I'm considering installing a Class III hitch + cargo carrier. That's still cheaper than a set of new snow tires, and should come in handy later too. But I have some questions:

1) Would you worry about putting that much weight on the tongue, either due to poor handling or possible damage to the frame?
2) Can anyone who's used one of these comment on how much clearance they typically have? I'm wondering if I'll be able to load up the tires and still get the hatch open.
3) How about scraping when going into driveways etc? I've heard of this, but I'm worried adding a lift extension would exacerbate both of the potential issues referenced in the previous questions.

Thanks all for the help on my first post here.

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