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I need a scanner to pull codes for my '04 CR-V. I bought a cheap unit off Ebay, but it didn't work. Looking for recommendations for something I may have to pay a little more for, but will work. Thank you.

P.S. In addition to pulling codes when the Check Engine light is on, it would be helpful to have a unit that can also pull a code when the "SRS" light is on, as mine is now.

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Most regular scanners will not show SRS codes, AFAIK.
Which scanner off Ebay did you buy? Most should pick up the normal codes.
Many can be used with a smart phone or a laptop for around $20 or less.
I use the wired Ultra-gauge which is real time and costs around $70.
The Ultra-gauge will not show SRS codes.
If you search on these forums I believe you will find ways to reset the SRS and also how to read them by using a jumper wire.
Same with the engine codes.

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This was one of the reasons I was looking at these Honda HDS knockoff scanners, same tool used by the dealer. Not crazy expensive, around $150. I'm still on the fence about buying one, if anyone has experience with these I'd be interested.

Example ebay item: - this one says it goes through 2014 but I've seen others that go through 2015

Newest version V3.015 Honda HDS HIM diangostic tool is affordable and powerful diagnostic tool for Honda vechiels from 1992-2014year.

Honda HDS HIM Highlights:

1. Software Version: 3.015 Software Need Activation. when you install the software, you will get ID. we offer you the key code

2. Support Honda Hybird Battery Vehicle Test.

3. Support VIN Reader and IMMO.

4. Test Coverage: Dynamical, Body, Chassis, ABS, SRS, Anti-theft, etc.

5. Honda HDS HIM supports CAN BUS system, and it can re-program the Auto ECU. This HIM is based on PC operation platform.
Notice: Operate system: XP

Honda HDS HIM Function:

1. Functions Supported by Honda/Acura Protocols
Reading and decoding fault codes from control blocks memory

Deleting fault codes

Displays system current parameters in digital form

Combined displaying of data

Management of executive devices

Logs keeping - writing and keeping of digital parameters in memory
Special functions - changing of permissible settings of blocks, programming etc.

2. Functions Supported by OBD-II Protocols
Mode $01 - Displays system current parameters in digital form (up to 8 parameters at once)

Mode $02 - Displays parameters of freeze frame

Mode $03 - Reading and decoding of fault codes from control block? memory

Mode $04 - Deleting of fault codes (memory clearing)

Mode $05 - Displays results of oxygen sensors

Mode $06 - Displays results of changeably controlled systems and components

Mode $07 - Displays results of constantly controlled systems and components

Mode $08 - Management of executive devices

Mode $09 - Displays car identification info

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