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Hey all...

My dad says he has an EX ‘17 made for Canada, and mine’s an ‘18 EX made for the US.

His seems to resemble what I thought would be an LX for Canada, even though his sales receipt says it is an EX.

For example:

  • his has no moonroof. I thought the EX and higher trims had that in Canada.
  • his has 17” wheels, which I thought was only for LX
  • his has no USB ports in the rear passenger area, where has my EX does.
  • His does not have back up sensors, which I thought came with all EXs in Canada and US.
- same entertainment & HVAC systems, and most of the same electronics.

He seems to think that some of these options can be special ordered in Canada, whereas I am not convinced that’s true. In the US, you take the car as is, or leave it.

Does this seem like an LX in Canada? I’m wondering if the small town dealer he bought it from either didn’t know any better, or stiffed him.

What does your LX or EX in Canada look like?
I have a 2017 Canadian AWD LX.
Easiest way to differentiate a Canadian LX 2wd from a LX AWD (besides the 4WD on the tailgate) is the presence of the Sensing ACC radar cruise control in the center of the front grille.
To differentiate a Canadian LX AWD from a EX (which in Canada is always AWD), the wheels and regular size sunroof are the first thing to spot.
Both LX have the same 17in while the EX and above all have the same design of 18in (with black paint on the Touring version).
To differentiate a EX from a EX-L, look inside for leather seats.
And finally, a Touring has the panorama sunroof, tailgate badging, integrated tailpipes and roof rails.

BTW, the location of the assembly plant is totally irrelevant. Vehicles sold both in Canada and US can be assembled in Honda's US or Canadian plants.
Based on your description, I'm 100% positive your father has a Canada-spec LX AWD (exact same model as me).
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