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Note that there may be two remotes for the first gen CR-V.

If it has the Honda alarm system on it (like mine does), the standard remote will not work. It took me a while to find the correct one, to replace the spare remote I lost, but I eventually did, and it worked.

If there is a flashing LED on top of the steering column, that is the default location for the alarm indicator, and that would mean you have the alarm. There would also be a black bypass button down on the lower part of the dashboard, near the driver's door.

Chances are most first gen CR-Vs do not have the alarm system, so you should be OK. It was a dealer-installed accessory, which I ordered online in Aug 1997 right after we bought it.

The key to the correct remote is the FCC ID on the remote. However, on mine it was worn off from years of use. It finally took me finding a parts list for the accessory alarm before I could find my replacement.
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