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Can't believe someone would steal a 1st gen CRV LOL. I've rebuilt and replaced like 80% percent of the stuff on my 97 CRV. I changed most of my exhaust system after it was rusting out and falling apart ( the broken catalytic converter was clogging up the pipes as well as causing an over heat condition. I can give you part numbers and advice on this if you want, it's really easy to replace.

I'll post the non CA diagram pieces for the exhaust system. CA uses a few different pieces on the system.

View attachment 151702
View attachment 151703

I used the "Northeastern Exhaust" stainless steel exhaust kit from eBay, then for my Catalytic Converter I used "AP / EASTERN 642732" from RockAuto, then the muffler I went with "WALKER 52203" , which was also from RockAuto. Some of the hardware I bought from Honda, although the kit from eBay comes with exhaust gaskets that DO seal correctly (it's what I ended up using on my car). I think if I remember the studs on the converter facing the muffler had no aftermarket, so I had to go Honda for that.

For the O2 sensors I used DENSO 2344098 (Downstream sensor), and DENSO 2344011 (Upstream sensor). I added ant seize when installing the exhuast hardware in case it needed to be removed in the future.

Now my car was a salvage given to me for free by family (it needed A LOT of work, I think it came from the junkyard), so it was already missing it's driveshaft. That exhaust pipe kit I bought from eBay seems be blocking where the driveshaft would go if I had one on there. So you may want to make sure whatever pipe kit you buy that it will clear that shaft first, or you can mod the pipe so it fits correctly. They sell other kits on RockAuto, but I don't think any of them were Stainless Steel which is what I personally wanted.

Felpro should have you covered for most of the gaskets if your're missing any, and there's a lot of aftermarket options for your rubber exhaust hangers. Now if you're staying with your stock exhaust pipe, the aftermarket hangers don't fit correctly. They were causing my stock pipe to hit my car back when I still had the original pipes. So in that case I would stick with stock.

I'll post some photos later today of my current Exhaust system so you can see how it should look, and if you have any questions let me know.

It shouldn't cost you anywhere near $1600 to do this, but you do need the correct tools. You also want to torque all the nuts properly as you don't want any exhaust leaks.
nice post. I wanted a stainless exhaust when I had to replace mine but could t find one that fit and just went with a local shop bending up some pipe and welding it to the muffler. I know that weld is going to rust out in a couple of years.
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