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My AC stopped working a year ago 160k+ Miles
The clutch does not seem to engage. Does not spin with engine on, but can turn by hand.

crv 2007 EX-L 3rd Gen
Currently have Sanden TRSE09 Model 3752 ( I am guessing this is the original )

Since replacing just the clutch while on the car is difficult I want to replace the whole compressor.

I was looking for recommendations on what to buy, and how to do it.
Has DENSO= $280 GPD or 4 seasons for $200, UAC = $150
I understood denso is generally better, but is it worth it? Any suggestions, experience with anything?
Recomendations of others sites to buy from?
Sanden on other sites seem to be expensive, and buying a used unit seems risky.

I will also purchase O-Rings.

Since I need to remove the serpentine belt, I will buy a new one just in case. Any recommendations?
Any chance it could be a different size because of the compressor change?

From what I understand the process is ( please correct if wrong )

1. Remove plastic cover, evacuating refrigerant, remove belt
2. Remove compressor 4 bolts, disconnect compressor power
3. Remove 2 bolts connecting compressor to 2 hose lines and disconnect.
4. Remove compressor from car.

Q: Can oil spill out while removing compressor?

5a. Check amount of oil in old compressor,
5b. put similar amount in new compressor? Put 0.5-1 oz extra?
Anything else needed from old compressor?

6. Run 12 v to check if new clutch engages.
Is there anything else to check in new compressor before installing?

7. Replace O-Rings, connect new compressor, 1 bolt for each hose line
Can oil spill out while doing this?

8. Connect compressor 4 bolts, power.
9. Remove right wheel for access, return serpentine belt, return wheel.

10. Vacuum ac for 15,30,60 min?
11. Add refrigerant
12. Test AC
13. Attach plastic back.

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