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Replace OEM Nav. in 2014 EX-L, Adjust Factory Clock?

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I have been researching how to replace the OEM Navigation in my 2014 CR-V EX-L with an aftermarket option that supports CarPlay.

I called a local shop about doing the upgrade and they told me they would use the Pioneer AVH-2550NEX, but ultimately it was out of my price range so I started to do research on performing the install myself. They never indicated any loss of functionality ...

Yet, Crutchfield tells me that I'll loose the ability to change my factory clock if I replace the OEM Nav. It also warns me about the amplifier and sub, and tells me that my camera will work with my dedicated display (which is the OEM Nav in my case).

I found this post from 2014 which seems to talk about the clock problem (on this site: i-mid-after-aftermarket-installation.44857 , I can't post a link in my first post).
From what I can tell, it's not the new radio that causes the issue, but rather the replacement of the OEM Nav.

Has anyone been successful in swapping out their OEM Nav. for an aftermarket that supports CarPlay, which continues to allow you to adjust the clock and have the backup camera work properly? I could live without the i-MID, but if it's there and the clock ends up wrong somehow, it would get annoying. I couldn't find a display option on the i-MID that does not have the time.

Thank you!
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Have 2014 CRV EX-L, without NAV, with 7-spkr and amplifier and purchased Precision Power PVN-702HB $131.40, Axxess HDCC-01 $76.50, American International HonK819 $2 <<from Sonic Electronix, then Metra 40-HD11 $7.55 and Axxess ASWC-1 $17.99 (unit only) << from eBay. $235.44 investment. Is this in your price range?

Sorry I do not know what CarPlay is. Clock works, backup works. Head unit has Android PhoneLink. GPS, CD, touch screen, etc.

Oh, i-MID works fine; although you cannot change backup camera views/modes/wide/narrow. I think there is a display mode on your existing i-MID which does not display time.

Hope this helps a bit.
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