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Replacement Front Struts for 3rd Gen CR-V

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My front struts has gone bad on my '08 CR-V EX AWD and it make some horrendous noise when driving over uneven road surface. I can hear metal on metal rattling. I took it to a local shop and then confirmed that the shock absorber are gone for both front hence the sound I hear are the shock absorber bottoming out. I read around about 3rd party struts that they mostly have problem with memory steer. I was thinking about KYB sturts and an amazon review also mention about memory steer issue. Some forums also mentioned that even Monroe struts also have memory steer issue, so now I am thinking to get it replaced at the dealership.
I called my dealer and they wanted $1,500 to replace the front struts. I also called their parts department and they told me the cost of front struts assembly are around $700 each.
Is this a normal price? Any recommendation here?
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Did they also check the sway bar links? If you would like to save a bit of money you can go Aftermarket with KYB Strut Plus or Monroe Quick Strut they are complete set already. I have good experience with these 2 brands. Be sure you get an alignment after replacing the struts.
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