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OK thanks for offering to answer our questions... Here is a simple question...

My wife owns a 2003 Honda CRV base model and we are soon to trade it in for a newer model. We may need to install a new catalytic converter in the short run before we trade in the car.

The car is now set up with California emissions to include the special and expensive catalytic converter with the smog stamp per California requirements. The car must have been out in CA before we purchased it for cash here in New Hampshire 7 years ago...

Question: Can we install a standard federal catalytic converter on the car as we do not need the fog stamp here in New Hamshire? Will a standard federal catalytic converter work with the OBD computer so as not to give me any codes if I install a federal converter to replace the existing California cat? What I have read on-line is that it should work with the car's OBD computer as the only difference is the smog stamp for California...

Please check with your service department and respond with a YES we can use a Federal Cat for our 2003 CRV or NO the OBD computer will not work with a Federal Cat if the original OEM equipment was a California Cat.

A Federal Cat is much less expensive v. a California Cat... reason for the ? of course...

Thank you and please reply ASAP...

Pam & Ron Skilton

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Yes, you can use a standard aftermarket CAT in New Hampshire AFAIK.

CA is the only state I'm aware of that requires certification of emissions parts (and inspects for them).
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