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Is there some sort of crossover in original navi/radio? Like I said, I have a mkIII CR-V that has original navi with 4 speakers + 2 tweeters, but not a subwoofer. There is a box under passenger seat, but it pretty sure it is not a subwoofer or if it is, then it is a very very crappy one. :D

If I change front speakers (doors and twitters) and install a wire harness to original door speaker connections and connect wires from there to both new speakers (door and twitter on both sides) it is fine according to older posts in this thread, but where is the original crossover? I guess there is supposed to be one, since there are tweeters and middle speakers. If there is one originally, then isn't this wiring scheme having dual crossovers in each line? What am I missing here?
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