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Per the service manual those torque numbers are correct. It's gonna be hard to have the allen wrench in place and a socket on a torque wrench at the same time, hence the vise grips. The manual leaves out the tightening part (Aargh!). The diagram shows the use of what looks like a special tool, an offset open or pass-through socket, similar to the one used on the top center adjusting nut on the shock. But it doesn't mention it and it is not listed in the special tools page. Yeah, the small hex size would not likely hold up to apply that much torque. I'd guess it's there to hold the bolt still long enough to get it medium tight, after which it should not move while applying final torque, so if he is using vise grips, then that would be why. I hate when they do that kind of stuff. It's annoying. Let us know how it goes.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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