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Hello Admin,

I was going through the form and noticed in the "Maintenance and Service" that everyone post everything in the same place and its hard to find a specific info on a specific gen crv. I understand there is a search button. However my suggestion would be to add "Sub Forums" under the main "Maintenance and Service" forum.


Maintenance and Service
- Question and Issues (Gen 5)
- Question and Issues (Gen 4)
- Question and Issues (Gen 3)
- Question and Issues (Gen 2)
- Question and Issues (Gen 1.5)
- Question and Issues (Gen 1)

This way all the specific Gen related issues can be posted in the right place and people wont have to put load on the server to keep using search :)

Thank for considering.


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Many maintenance questions are general in nature, or they apply across several generations. If maintenance questions were segregated, they would often be lost on others that can assist.

Best thing (which we always encourage) is to put the year and pertinent equipment in the Title or at least, in the first sentence of a post. That way the SEARCH function will narrow it down.

Another helpful thing when looking for answers is to look at the Similar Threads box at the bottom of each page. That kinda does the searching for you! :eek:
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