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Hi new member to this forum, but I have been reading it as a guest for some time now.

I have just gotten a used 2002 gen2 Honda CRV Sport in Silver with fabric interior and all the interior handles and trimmings are black plastic / vinyl / rubber.

The issue is the driver and passenger door handles have lost their finish. It seems that the rubber (or is it plastic or vinyl) has worn through it's finish and it's begun to perish. I have tried cleaning it thorough and I have gotten the dirt off of it, but it feels quite tacky / sticky to the touch.

Is there any product I can buy or some special trick to try and protect restore the surface of the door handle moving forward? I know I can't make it perfect, but maybe enough to make it smooth again so that it isn't sticky and doesn't attract so much dirt through normal usage?

Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated!
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