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Ride comfort

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How would you rant the ride comfort of the crv ex? I prefer a softer, car-like ride over a stiff, performance oriented one. I do know tires and pressure make a difference, but the suspension is the most important component of ride quality. So, please compare your crv experience with your other car experiences for me. Thanks!
Btw, I’m at the LA car show and Honda is showcasing the crv hybrid but still isn’t revealing the mpg or other specs.
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Ride on the crv is totally diff with diff psi.
Properly inflated it rides very smooth, if overinflated its bone chilling on holes.
Actually, I've read recently the biggest thing effecting the ride is the tires, not the suspension. The tires can vary in 2 important ways; 1) the aspect ratio 2) what width rims they are on (okay so that's not a tire variation but wheels and tires it is).

My oem wheel / tires were 225/65/17's on 6.5" rims. The ride was very 'boat like'. It was not at all performance, not slightly. It was pick-up truck like. I wouldn't call it bad, but certainly not 'sure footed' either.

I first changed the wheels to 7.5" width rims and kept the same tires. It was a pretty significant change. It certainly felt more 'sporty', but it was still a pliable ride. I'd venture to describe it as maybe 20 or so percent more 'firm' then the previous setup. It rode very nice and I wish Honda had wider rims as OEM.

Now, I have 19" wheels (8" width) with 225/55/19 tires. Surprisingly it's not dramatically different than the previous setup with 7.5" rim. I'd say it's 10 to 20 percent more firm than the previous setup. It handles just like a car really. It's not a "plush" ride, it's more performance. But on decent roads, it's like a dream really. The handling is perfect, for me anyway.

My experience, anecdotal obviously, is that the width of the rim is a big factor. The 'stiffness' of the sidewall matters, but it will flex more if the rim is 'pinching' the tire. How much sidewall there is will of course be relevant, but my experience is the width of the rim has most effect.

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I've driven a fair amount in both the Rav 4 and the CX-5 and to me the CR-V hits the sweet spot between comfort and handling.
Thanks. So you said you prefer the ride of your crv over the RAV4. How do you describe each ride in terms of smoothness (plush sedan-like vs choppy and stiff)?
Thanks. So you said you prefer the ride of your crv over the RAV4. How do you describe each ride in terms of smoothness (plush sedan-like vs choppy and stiff)?
The 2017 Rav4 I drove was rough and truck like and got unsettled around bumpy curves. Toyota revamped the Rav this year but apparently didn't really improve it much. The CX-5 has far better suspension that I would describe as sports sedan like- its taut and really feels connected going around turns and the limits seem quite high for an SUV. The CR-V is almost as good in this regard with a little more body roll. But the trade-off is that the CR-V is more comfortable on rougher roads.
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Wife has a last generation Civic. I have a new generation CRV. Mine is more solid and more comfy than hers, which feels stiff and sporty.
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