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Well my Kicker PT10 powered subwoofer finally died. I knew this day would come. So I searched for a replacement. Along the way I started to pay closer attention to the specs.

I've had my eye on the JL Audio StealthBox, but today I realized how much it would cost (speaker, amp, wiring, installation), and after upgrading to the 2016 CR-V Touring CVT, I decided to be frugal...or to at least try. :)

So I looked at the higher end Kicker PT250. It is rated at 100W RMS, and price is about $200. Not a real improvement, wouldn't put me in a better place.

I looked at the Kicker 11PES10C, rated at 450W RMS, but price was $500. Specs are impressive, but I felt the price was a bit steep.

I looked at the Rockford Fosgate P300-12, rated at 300W RMS for $220. There is a smaller 10" model for $190 but for the size/price are very close, so went with the 12".

I'm going to get it installed on Saturday, and I'll post pictures. I'm looking forward to this final improvement to the new car...famous last words. ;)

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