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Hi CRV Owners,

I am relatively new here, and hope this is the right spot for this post. I own a 2005 CRV EX, with manual transmission. I have an airbag light on, and it is staying on. I got a code read from the local shop, and it came up as a open circuit to the Roll Over sensor. I can't find this sensor, and have only seen one google image diagram showing where it is and its not there on my car as far as I can tell, unless it is actually in the bottom of the seat, and not just underneath it. Is it possible that there is another name for this sensor?

I would really like to solve this. If anyone can point me to the location of this sensor, or another possible name for it, I would be grateful. I really want to make sure the connection between the sensor and the cable is good before I take this to a mechanic.

I have changed a front impact airbag sensor before, and I am aware of the battery disconnect, and safety protocols around messing with the SRS system.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


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I found the locator for the sensor on the driver's seat.

There is a 'roll rate sensor' in the SRS system, perhaps your difficulty is one of terminology? It is shown as item # 4 in the parts list below, but of course it's useless for finding the actual location.

Have you removed the driver's seat to look inside it? SRS components can usually be identified by their yellow connectors.

EDIT: Whups forgot the diagram:

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