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2021 Durango Hellcat, 2006 CR-V, 2004 R32
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Good morning guys. Pennsylvania member here. New here but not new to forums by any means.

With my first two cars being a 94 Civic hatchback and a 95 Civic coupe, I really wanted a clean first gen as a commuter.

I finally opened up to a second gen and expanded my searches. After learning more and more, I really wanted a 2006. After months of searching everywhere… AutoTempest, Auto Trader, Car Gurus, eBay, you name it, I found one less than twenty minutes away from me on Facebook. I messaged the lady within 20 minutes of her posting it and we were there within the hour.

Lady was 89 years old and purchased it in 2008. She put around 2,000 miles on it since 2015.

As much as I’d love to not put miles on it, I bought this thing for myself and my wife to rack up miles on. I take care of my stuff so I hope to have it still looking new at 200,000 miles.

I painted the steelies as soon as we got home and cleaned up the center caps. Will most likely stay exactly as it sits aside from a double din radio with CarPlay.

I can finally leave my fun car parked and not worry about 12-14mpg.

I also own a Volkswagen.

We drove 550 miles to the northeast corner of Ohio to find my Hellcat (it’s one of 14 in the specific combo of pearl white/red leather/options) and I wouldn’t be be lying if said I’d give up my Hellcat before I gave up the CR-V. I love this thing.

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Welcome to the forum. Plenty of great folks here.

Best of both worlds would be the Hellcat fuel tank in your CRV. Could probably drive coast to coast on 4 fill-ups.

Now, if you did the reverse, you'd need a very accurate app showing all the gas stations within a 40 mile range! :giggle:
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