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"Rezaw-Plast" Rubber custom fit molded floor mats

Hi all,

just wanted to leave an FYI - as another potential source for floor mats. I haven't seen these mentioned here before.
These are rubber mats, molded to fit similar to some of the more expensive weathertech mats. The material is medium thickness, and I'm sure the weathertechs are heftier.
I bought these more so for the rear seats, since I'm expecting my kids to have... accidents / spills at some point over the next few years. :rolleyes:
In the front seats, they fit quite nicely, and I was overall much more impressed with them and the depth of the grooves than I had originally been expecting.
For the price ($80 shipped) I see these as a pretty decent alternative to the weathertech mats. Not sure who the actual maker is, but the only place I've seen these listed is on ebay. edit: maker appears to be "Rezaw-Plast", which as far as I can tell, is a European maker (??)

some pics:

I live in SoCal, so the most I'm expecting these to get exposed to is some water / rain and maybe some mild dirt or sand.

hope this was helpful to some of you.
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