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Safe way to remove trim without damage

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I need to replace my third high brake light on my 2013 CRV.
It appears I need to access if from the tailgate by first removing a piece of trim and then disconnecting the bulb and unscrewing the mount.
The process seems easy enough, but I'm concerned about how to best remove the trim without causing any damage.

Here is what we are looking at:
View attachment 136746



I need to remove the panel shown in the top picture. If I put moderate pressure pulling where the red arrows are I can hear and feel each side click out a little. Not enough that I think those sides are fully engaged, but enough that I believe I'm disengaging the fasteners at least partly.

I can't seem to disengage it fully however and I don't want to force it without knowing the proper way.

There are small indentations in the metal where the blue arrows are. They seem to be there to allow a hand to get inside to apply pressure - but once again I don't just want to yank it off without knowing the proper way.

According to this replacement guide:

It looks like there are 4 fasteners and indeed 2 are near the ends and 2 near the indentations.
Do I just grab and pull? Do I pull the outer sides first or the middle?

Are the fasteners something that will need to be replaced or are they meant for removal?

Any assistance/guidance much appreciated.
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Buy a set of trim removal tools
it should be listed in the ‘tools needed’ in the pdf you cropped
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