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I have seen a few people have had this problem with their sat nav units but havent been able to find a cure other than paying honda a stupid amount of money to have the unit sent away for repair.

I have a 2005 crv with the factory cd player with integrated sat nav that I believe is made by alpine.
Recently a message has come up on the screen saying something similar to "Error reading dvd".
I have read a few people have cleaned the lens in the reader but this hasnt worked for me unfortunately.
Took the car to hondas and they want £250 to repair it which is crazy as I could buy a tom tom for £100!!
Does anyone know what I need to do to fix this?
I am able to remove the unit from the car and was wondering if the unit would use an ordinary dvd reader? If so maybe it would be possible to buy a new dvd reader and install it myself?
Any help appreciated :)
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