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Scheduled maintanence

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Our 2011 CR-V only has 48000 miles. Should I be scheduling maintanence based on time vs miles? And which ones?
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In the past, all maintenance checks had time AND mileage schedules. Since the advent of the Maintenance Minder, some items get 'lost' when yearly oil changes are performed but MM items are reset. GOOD that you asked! :applause:

So, here is a listing from my years of reading. :wrenchin:

Definitely brake fluid replacement, every three years regardless of mileage.

Cabin and engine air filters can be inspected and only replaced if necessary.

ATF and rear differential fluids need replacement at 3 years/30K miles. This keeps the clutches inside them clean, and prevents the screens in the automatic from clogging.

Coolant is 10 years or 100K miles, then 5 years/50K after that.

Spark Plugs are 100K miles so pulling them every 10 years would be wise (or if you feel a misfire when cold). Likewise, valve lash checks are specified for 100K miles but a 10 year interval is wise. (I have adjusted valves DIY every 50K miles and found a few out of spec each time.)

Tire rotation can be done at a 7 -10K mile interval, but I do it every year (and I check brake pad life too, I get 70k+ miles frpom pads on our '06). Tires should be replaced every 6 - 8 years as the rubber gets old & cracked especially if the car stays outside (the modern rubber deteriorates).

Finally, don't forget that Honda says to replace engine oil yearly even if the MM doesn't trigger the 'wrench' warning.

Hope this helps...
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