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I know there's been much discussion about road noise and the 07+ CR-V but I have a question about it coz i've only ever been in mine and have no other test rides to judge by.

When I first drive the car from cold there is a small shake that seems to come from the rear and this lasts for around 500 metres. It only happens if the car has stood for more than a few hours. Anyone else get this?

Also when driving at speeds over 50mph there seems to be a drone from the back of the car but it's not continuous it's a little up and down in pitch and it seems to lessen when going around long curves or, basically, when it's not driving straight it's much less noisy. Is this how yours sounds?

I just have a suspicion that all is not well with the rear axle and wanted to hear what you guys think before I take it to the dealer.
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