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If you take your time to

1. Clean out the broken pieces.
2. Shift the Gear shifter back to Park and back down to the lowest gear
3. Insert the shift Knob

It's easy Peasy. The hardest part was to film, Five minuted of my time Vs. a Dealer and paper work was well worth the $20.00 spent.

If you take on this task there is no need to remove any parts at all, and this was a known issue for years. not new to Honda, just new to you the group. The part can be ordered in Chrome or the original car color your option.

Temps today 29 degrees ferenheit. Part become brittle due to lack of ABS oils, and extreme changes in temps. So if you want to cry about things I am all ears. I suggest making your comment count on my video as well then to have a one track mind. I don't montnize I care a lot and help out all. who I am then try to know it all. No instructions were Dl'd or follwed Old school I am.

AKA Roadster.


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Mr. Fish, once again, you da man.:doublethumb:
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