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hey guys,

i did it. after narrowing down to a CR-V i found one.
year 2007.
but not sure how to interpret the rust here.
probably natural for an old car to have some rust, but i'm just wondering if any experts would see any serious damage from the shots below.
i assume the break pads will need to be changed for starters, right?
Auto part Metal

under the skirt:
Vehicle Car Automotive exterior Bumper Auto part
Vehicle Car Auto part Wheel
Vehicle Tire Automotive tire Car Auto part

under the hood:
Auto part Engine Automotive engine part Carburetor Fuel line

thanks for any insight,

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Looks as if the V was sitting in damp weather for a long time. (Hopefully its not a FLOOD car)

The worst area is the 5th picture, but I THINK that is an aftermarket hitch.

Tap on the rusty bits to verify that they are only SURFACE rust. If any metal collapses, run away.

If you buy it, spend a weekend wire-brushing the surface rust on the undercarriage (not the rotors, obviously), then apply a product like POR-15
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