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Should I buy a High Mileage CR-V?

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Hi all, I am considering to buy a 2007 Honda CR-V EX with 195k mileage. The owner has had the car for the last 8 years and she says that she well-maintained the car and provides service records (most of them are in Honda service). She recently changed the battery and starter once the car begins to start slow in winter. She says there is no issue with the car.

I checked the CARFAX and there is no accident etc. and regular services seems to be made on time. The only thing is there is a "damage reported" and the owner said that a deer struck to the back of the car and left a baseball size dent and she later on has that pulled out. Comes with rooftop bars and trailer hitch. The price is $4000.

I know high-mileage comes with risks but I like CR-V very much and it is perfect for my type of person who goes hiking, fishing etc. At the same time, I am grad student with a limited income, so have no money to invest in a second car for now if this one turns out bad.

Considering all, would you get into this deal? What would you suggest me to look for? Thank you for your advice in advance.

P.S. This is my first posting and I hope I am not violating any forum rules
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I have purchase a 2008 with 91,000 on it for $8000. When looking we noticed that similar CR-V's went for more money and with a lot more miles. no matter how you slice it, 195K is just that. I would try to get them as low as possible, and do not be afraid of low balling them. IF they want to sell they will call you back, if it goes, move on, there are a lot out there and everyone thinks they have gold mine, be patient...
That price for a 2007, all checks out good I wouldn't hesitate.

As for the 195k thing, these are Ford's. 195k in 12yrs also means road trips/highway mileage. Best possible thing for a car.

Mileage isn't as much of an issue as age. It's only 12yrs old, that's nothing.

Just as an example, I bout a 2003 with 206K and didn't even flinch. Price was good and in great shape considering I live in the rust belt.

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I thought I would chime in since I have a 2007 EX-L bought second hand from woman who had her maintenance papers. I have over 122,000 miles. It sounds like you have a very good deal in front of you and will benefit from the purchase. Like one of the other replies mentioned that the high mileage is the result of road trips, highway miles. That price sounds like a steal.
I forgot to mention that you could have a mechanic look at the car to assess it's over all condition. That is what I did before I bought my CRV.
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