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Showing the speed limit icon on the DII

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Good Friday morning folks.
I own a 2018 CR-V touring.

This vehicle has Navigation.

When navigation has focus and I'm driving, I see the "current speed limit icon" in the lower left corner of the map.
Pretty darned cool methinks.

I was wondering ....
Is it possible to add that "current speed limit icon" to the Dii in some way (I see that the Honda CR-V manual refers to the dash as a Dii.) so that it appears all the time ?
And not just when I am using navigation.
That would be real handy.

Much obliged for any replies.

Ray in Wisconsin
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You cant add that to the cluster but you can set an audio alert to chime i think when you exceed a certain limit.
Which over time is super annoying lol

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I would bet money that the next gen CRV will have speed limit sign recognition and display native in HondaSensing.

The new generation Accord already has this.. but it is a newer design cycle at Honda compared to our gen5 CRVs. It works pretty well too!

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Our $100 Garmin has that feature......I also think it鈥檚 cool.
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