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Signing Off

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I'm signing off this forum, as we are trading in our 17 CRV Touring for a 19 Passport Touring. We're not getting rid of the CRV because of any problems (no OD here) but because She Who Must Be Obeyed fell hard for the Passport when she saw the larger size and more cargo space. And realized she wanted AWD after slipping and sliding in the snow in MN. The Passport drives well, has good pickup with the V6, the ZF transmission shifts smoothly and SWMBO likes sitting higher like she did in her Odyssey. I find it's quieter than the CRV and enjoyed the drive as well. Also was able to get a pretty good discount, even though the Passport has been out just a month.

For those who have the OD issue, I hope you can all find a good resolution.

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28-29 is great mpg for anything more than small cars. Can't compare a Prius to a CRV. That's like comparing a Civic to a pickup truck. Always a trade off. Compared to other SUVs and SUVs of old, current MPG is amazing considering the new CRVs are bigger and heavier than ones like mine yet get quite a bit better MPG.

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