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Evening everyone.
I've had my CR-V for a few weeks now and I still really love it.

I have noticed for some time now, a couple of tiny little icons that appear at the top of my audio screen.
(In the center of where the interior left and right temperature indicators are.)
Sometimes one of them seems to have some kind of movement.

I have searched through the users manual and can't seem to find an explanation of what they represent.

I've attached a couple of photos that I took with my phone, so as to illustrate what I am seeing and asking about.

Does anyone know what these icons represent ?

And, would anyone know if it's possible to make them larger ?

If the truth be told, I simply can't see anything that small.

I'd be thankful for help in understanding what I'm looking at.

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If you slide your finger down from the top of the screen, it will tell you that the "GPS location has been set"

it uses connection to set time zone for clock or if u have navi/gps.

the battery icon is your connected device

in honda hack you can adjust some font sizes or add icons BUT sometimes it will push icons off the screen and not recommended.

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If the satellite icon flashes it means your system is searching for GPS satellites to establish your location.
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