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I recently purchased my first CR-V. I'm looking to buy some snow chains and read the following in the manual:

Because your vehicle has limited tire
clearance, mount only SAE Class ‘‘S’’
cable-type traction devices, with
rubber chain tensioners, on the front
tires.Use traction devices only when
required by driving conditions or
local laws. Make sure they are the
correct size for your tires. Metal linktype
‘‘chains’’ should not be used.

I understand the first part, about only using Class S snow cables, not chains. But I want to make sure I'm understanding the last sentence correctly. Are they saying not to use chains made of metal period? Or just to avoid the metal chains that look like, you know, chains? Do they even make non-metal snow chains?

I'm also wondering when it says to use only chains with rubber tensioners, does that mean I can't use chains that do not require tensioners? Or does it mean that if the chains I use need tensioners, they must be rubber?

If anyone has recommendations for specific chains to buy, I am open to suggestions. My tire size is 215-65-16.

Thanks for the help!
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