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I am selling the 2015 CR-V Touring. I bought an Ford Edge. Love it. The ACC does not slam on the brakes as it approaches another car, the Lane keep assist is stable and doesn't wander, there is a built in wind screen as part of the moon roof, the Nav system is fantastic (just to name a few)! Just drove it from Baltimore to Albuquerque. Twice the nav system suggested a detour when traffic seemed to be flowing nice, only to find it completely back up and crawling a few miles down the road. But strange thing is, no one, not even the truckers, was taking these detours (I have photo to prove this, attached, sorry I can't upload the short movie of the back up, I did just one frame), the Ford Nav system rocks, saved me probably 2 hours. Saying the Nav system in the 2015 Honda is awful is a complement. Ford answered my letter, and obviously read the WHOLE letter, twice Honda did not. Park you car within WiFi range, and it will update your software if needed. Honda, even though they had better software in later year models (LKA ACC, etc), never updated mine (only once for a CVT transmission issue). I called the number on the Ford entertain screen when I needed some help and my call was answered in less than a minute of wait time, by a live, english speaking person! I talked to several Ford owners before I bought, not one complaint, one mentioned he had his first needed maintenance at 93K. I am completely sold! Have you driven a Ford lately?
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