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Forester was awesome but it had a cvt transmission. Superstition forced me to sell it before it hit 100000 miles. No oil consumption issues. Just loved it. Unfortunately subaru backstabed the XT owners by not building a 2019 forester XT. So hence, why I'm here.

My impression as a new owner.
The XT interior sucked. Fake leather in the seat started cracking. The XT was just utilitarian. The crv is much more refined.

Loved the individual climate control on the crv. The heated seats on the crv heat up much faster and don't require a pat of butter to keep from sticking when the seats overheat. The XT AC sucked. Experienced it first hand in 110 weather in Utah. I kept the seats on the highest setting in the crv and didn't fell uncomfortable or too hot. Big plus. Also the CRV has ton's of little pockets to store things in the front seats. The XT doesn't but had a super nice utility tray with tool sections above the spare wheel but below the cargo cover. Going to miss that on the XT.

The XT looked more aggressive from the front, the crv looks more refined. Not a big fan of the wheels on the CRV, the XT has much better wheels.

Engine/drive train/ride:
The XT has a monster power output. It was faster than my stock Toyobaru 86/brz/frs even though they shared the same engine (with the exception that the xt had a turbo). The CRV has the best mileage. Getting 32-35mpg on the highway and on 87 gas. XT was on 91 gas and get 22-24mpg. Kaching! I will also miss the no mess oil changes. I had the oil filter at the top of the engine on the XT, no mess removing it, and I vacuumed out the oil when it came time for oil changes. The CRV, I'll need to pull that damn metallic panel off and oil will drip from the oil filter when removed. Might as well get a fumito valve and drain the oil from the pan too now.

The ride on the crv is cadilac smooth compared to the XT. The XT had a racing suspension which was very uncomfortable going over any kind of speed bump, pot hole, or reflector. Come to think of it, the suspension on my 86 which is just 4.9" off the ground and ultra stiff chassis and suspension felt the same.

Acceleration is not as fast on the crv as the XT nor is the cornering speed. As I said before, it's feels like a luxury ride. The XT suspension was so stiff, I could not ride as a back seat passenger. I will miss the symetric all wheel drive of the XT in comparison to the fwd of the crv, but only a little. I barely got to use the all wheel drive, for snow, gravel and wet hill driving, but it was glorious when I got to use the X-Mode. I don't see myself doing much of this anymore, hence the 2wd.

Anyways, at carmax, where I trade it in the XT, the 2nd day of ownership on the crv, I got a nice complement on the CRV.

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Good luck with your crv
If you adjust your driving habits to compliment the lack of power & ignore all the whiners here...

You’ll be fine!

We kicked around the subaru before the crv but just couldnt do it
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