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Please read the ENTIRE post carefully as there is A LOT of information in here. I am trying to be as transparent as possible with this sale.
I am searching for another enthusiast to pick up my CRV. Price is FIRM at $2500 with everything listed below THIS IS NOT A PART OUT, only potential trades (partial) would be wood working equipment or parts for my GX470.
Up for sale is my beloved 2000 Honda CR-V EX with 260605. The car was purchased by my family in 2002 with 76286 miles (see the pic of us picking it up), my mom drove the car until 2010 when she gave it to me for school. At the time it had around 130k, I had the timing belt service done at that time (timing belt, water pump, tensioner, valve adjustment, head cover gasket, oil pan gasket). I started driving 4 hours one way to school a few times a month and really started the mileage climb. During my sophomore year I got a job as an engineering coop at Honda of America where I was driving 70 miles a day, during this time I got good deals on parts and fluids and did several drain and fills on the trans and rear end. A few years later I rear ended a Jeep (right after dropping full coverage) this destroyed the radiator support, fenders, hood, etc while also puncturing the AC condenser and lines. Airbags did not deploy, and I was in no place to purchase a new car. I decided to fix the car, with a new radiator support welded in it was back on the road (gaps are not even, and paint does not match as I planned on doing a truck bed liner on it). There was no suspension damage or mechanical damage strictly cosmetic. After this I decided I would lift the truck, I found a set of new Ironman 4X4 springs and Bilstein struts locally and purchased some General Grabbers to complete the lift. I started getting more into the enthusiast scene and buying all kinds of parts. I drove the car for several more years with no incident, I did the timing belt service again at 210k (same parts as before with the addition of a front main seal). By this time 6 years of northern Ohio winters had started to take a toll, typical Honda rust had started and continued to grow. I had both front wheel bearings replaced (Timken) around 230k. I then noticed a rust hole in the rear driver side wheel arch, I patched this up with a sheet of aluminum and rivets (with plenty of silicone). This is not a structural area, so the main concern was keeping water out.
I replaced the CR-V with a ’13 Honda Fit in 2018 as the North Carolina summers are not very comfortable in a black car without A/C, since then the car has gotten very little use. Here are the issues I had in the past year that have all been taken care of
Drum brakes locked up – replaced Sept 19 (2 miles on them)
Ignition coil went out– replaced with Duralast Gold
Starter motor burnt up – replaced with Duralast model.
Catalytic Converter went – replaced to pass inspection this year
Known issues:
  • Currently the cruise control is acting up, it likes to work when its warm but not in the cold. I went through the repair manual and found BRN/BLK pin was at 160 ohms which is high (potential ground issue G202) and the BLU wire did not give me 5v when driving over 25mph which probably means faulty cruise control unit. These are dirt cheap at a junk yard, but I am not going to spend any time on the matter, I found the RD1 cruise control to be poor anyways. It always waits till you are 5mph under the speed limit then floor it.
  • When I pulled the car in the shop, I noticed the floor board was wet, I pulled the cover and cleaned the drains while also finding a body seam that needed sealed. I believe this fixed the issue but am noting just in case it did not.
  • Oil pan had a slow drip, however I noticed no leaks in my shop over the last couple of days.
  • Does burn some oil (it’s a high mileage Honda) but is not a concern if you change your oil every 3000 miles.
  • Rear end does whine when engaging (they all do) I can include 2 qts of dual pump II for a drain and fill if desired.
  • Driver side rear window is slow to go up and down.
  • A/C Does not work (see above) would need condenser, and upper line at a minimum.
  • Radio that is installed doesn’t want to turn on anymore, could be easy but am including three radios to replace it with if desired.
  • Rear driver side speaker is out due to wiring damage caused by the rear rust hole (that is now fixed) a simple crimp connector would be needed to install the speaker.

At this point I have 5 cars and need to pass this on to someone who will appreciate it, I am going to give away a lot of parts to clear space.
Options the car has on it currently:
OBX Exhaust
JDM back up mirror
OEM Spoiler
Leather seats (bed mod was removed for my other CRV)
Off Brand GPS head unit that now doesn’t seem to be turning on (so im am including more radios)
Roof Rack
Hitch (wiring harness and ball also included but not installed)
Infinity wheels with good tires (needed to pass inspection)
OEM Cargo mat
Parts I am including:
Front Upper Strut Brace
Complete set of cloth seats (should be cleaned due to being in storage)
Set of bed rear seat rails (will need the seatbelt clasp to install)
Spare leather arm rest
Spare cloth arm rest (If I can find it, it wasn’t in my pile of parts)
Aftermarket spoiler with LED brake light and hatch over
Short Ram intake with Spectre filter
Spare stock struts (3 front and 4 rear)
OEM Cargo Cover
JDM Fender mirror
Spare set of stock taillights
Taillight guards
Brand new air filter and spark plugs in package
Side nerf bars
Set of 4 mud flaps (including optional fronts)
Timing belt, tensioner, water pump, front main seal, and valve cover gasket (complete TB kit)
Stock Radio with code, the volume knob started acting up which is why I replaced
Sony aftermarket radio with harness and dash kit
Another Honda Radio with code unknown
Spare Stock speakers (set of 4 + the one in the rear that isn’t installed)
5 Stock wheels with General Grabbers (all have camber wear and vibrate due to this, I removed them to pass inspection, getting them balanced would make them usable again. With a rear camber kit you could continue to use these for quite awhile)
Spare OEM Roof Rack w/ trim pieces
Stock roof trim if you decide to remove the roof rack
4 HID lights on a roof rack rail that I had previously used (see pics of them mounted)
Spare hatch cover in blue for installing the spoiler with no JDM backup mirror
Spare Drive Shaft
Interior and exterior door handles (several)
Two alternators (think one is frozen)
Spare AC line (think it is the top one)
Two NEW OEM trailing arm bushings
Misc interior trim and electronic bits
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