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Something to use on sensor shield

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Had a tiny fender-bender on my 2018. The Sensing plastic cover, under the main emblem on the grille had to be replaced. It seems like since it's been replaced, it's more susceptible to snow and water or other debris covering it and disabling the system. Is there any recommended spray or rub-on substance I could use to help make it more resistant or less sticky? Sorry if I'm not using the best words. Hydrophobic? I'd appreciate your tips and product advice.

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Altering it to not have build up would make sensing work in weather its not intended to.
You should take those alerts to be more cautious of road conditions not use them more

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I don't know if it will work, but it's worth a try..... as it is the same method to prevent door handles and locks from freezing shut with ice.

Spray a light coating of teflon lubricant spray that is designed for locks on the surface. It is a dry lubricant.. so it should not attract and build up dirt, and may offer sufficient teflon to discourage any ice or snow buildup. I expect you will have to re-apply it periodically.... and dont' get carried away with too much. :)
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