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soundproofing a 2nd gen CRV?

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I like to sound proof/dampen my 06 CRV with Noico or Dynamat, unless someone can recommend a better/cheaper material.

I want a quieter interior. Specifically I'd like to insulate engine noise. But anyway, my budget and skill is limited. I don't want to tear the whole car apart. But what are the most important areas that I should apply Noico that'll make the biggest impact? (The low hanging fruit).

I'm thinking just the 4 doors. I think firewall would be nice but would involve tearing apart the whole dash...

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Your not going to find anything useful that doesnt require a lot of work. And that stuff does nothing for wind noise which is much of what the noise is besides engine. If you want to do anything you need to cover areas the matter which is areas that have no insulation, which the doors already have.

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