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2010 CRV EX (Canadian)

Had a Service B done a couple weeks ago. A little bit over 150000kms.

Dealership recommends for next visit:

spark plugs replacement
oil pressure switch replacement
timing chain reseal
valve adjustment

1. I'm gonna do the spark plug replacement myself. I have the service manual (first edition, 10/2006) in PDF form but I seem to be missing a lot of chapters, particularly the spark plug replacement. instructions. Does anyone have that particular chapter???? I'm more interested in the torque specs when screwing in the new plugs (waiting for my NGK to arrive thru the mail)

2. Oil pressure switch replacement and timing chain reseal. Supposedly oil is sipping out of those two things. Is it very labour and time intensive? Can I do it myself?

I will get the dealership to do the valve adjustment.
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