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Our good 'ol Kenmore vacuum died after 16 years of service, so I started shopping around for a new one (won't bother discussing how just about everything is built like crap these days)... In the process I stumbled on a few vacuum attachment tools that I didn't realize were available - guess that shows just how much I detail the house :p Anyway here are a few tools I discovered that have proven very handy for keeping my CRV clean:

edit - these attachments are available in sizes for both standard 1.25" home canister vacs or the larger 2.5" shop vac hoses. You can also get adapters that go from one to the other.

Claw Utility Nozzle - just like at the coin-op car wash. It just never occurred to me to look for one for home use. Great all around cleaner, especially on floor mats during mud season. Well worth $8.

Flexible Crevice Tool - 24" long and can be bent to fit all around the seats where the hard plastic crevice tools can't reach or scratch the interior molding while trying to get between the door and seat. It's not too long so as to be unmanageable like those dryer lint cleaner fittings (though it works well for that), but plenty good for the car and great around the house. $8

Lint Brush Fabric Attachment - this thing is great for removing dog hair from car carpeting and seats (not to mention sofas and clothes in the house). It's got 2 lint brush like strips facing opposite directions so it self cleans when you go back and forth (still needs the occasional hose ran across, but not as much as brush type attachments). Grabs hair a lot better than brush type attachments. I wish I had known this thing existed years ago. $14
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