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Hello Folks,
New member to the group. Previous lurker.
2006 CRV with 275k miles.. BEST vehicle I ever owned..
Amazing reliability.

I recently purchased a Bluedriver OBDII tool just to get some experience for when I get a CEL.
In running the smog test, I see a code P0171.. But no CEL, and engine runs fine.

Bluedriver data freeze at P0171 code:
06 : Short Term Fuel Trim Bank 1 : 16.4 %
07 : Long Term Fuel Trim Bank 1 : 17.2 %

But when I do logging the numbers are more like 3-10% range, doesn’t capture the spiking.
It looks like I am getting intermittent short and long term fuel trim number spikes, causing the P0171.
Any ideas where to look? I know the possible P0171 causes, but not sure how to track the intermittent spiking. This spiking I did see after the engine was warmed up, also when cold..

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