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This is a tip mostly for those who have the EXL model without the integrated sound steering commands and changed the original sound for a multimedia central.

There is a very useful JFA (a Brazilian company) Infra Red remote control that can be attached to the steering wheel and offers the comfort of transferring the controls of your sound to the direction. I am not sure if JFA ships internationally but coleagues from abroad may try to find a similar product at ebay.

It will work with any multimedia whose remote control is based on InfraRed because it has a learning mode which you can program it using the original multimedia IR control.

It has a flat cable with 3M glue layer on the back side that is fixed to the steering wheel, which ensures perfect fixation. In my case I chose to glue the controls behind the steering wheel so as not to be visible from the front, denoting a non-original accessory on the steering wheel but also because the ergonomics get much better.

After installed is practically unnoticeable.

As You can clue, the only limitation comes from the irradiation angle of the IR, whose LEDs must be positioned your multimedia central, so when stepping the steering wheel it will not work. In fact in most situations there will not be this problem and if we stop to think, even the cars with the original controls, when stepping the steering wheel, we usually can not trigger the control keys of the sound control due to the movement, except for cars that have static commands behind the wheel, such as Renault and others.

For anyone who will do, this tutorial can help. Unfortunetelly in Portuguese but you can check how to proceed the installation.

Hope it will be usefull for someone.

All the best and keep your CRVs fine.

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