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I've been dealing with this problem for quite some time and no one can seem to figure out the solution.

Basically my problem is,..... As I'm driving down the road, the last direction the wheel was turned is the direction the car begins to pull as if it's out of alignment.
In other words, if I make a right turn,..... after the steering wheel self centers, the car wants to pull to the right. Then,..... if I make a left turn and continue down the road, the car pulls to the left.

So here's some background and what has been done so far.

A few years back, I had an independent shop replace my front struts and mounts with KYB's. This is where the problem started. I brought it back to them a bunch of times, complaining about the pulling. Long story short, they went out of business.
I lived with this annoyance for a while then decided to bring it to the Honda dealer and have them replace the KYB's with genuine Honda struts and mounts. Same outcome. They said it needed to be aligned. After the alignment it was better for just a short time (pulled only a little, but still pulled), but quickly went to the usual pulling. (I've since had the car aligned a hundred times).

The dealer checked everything and amazingly enough, they said it needed nothing! Axles were fine, steering rack was solid and tight. struts were good, engine mounts were fine, torque strut mounts were also in good condition.
None of the technicians at the dealership can explain why the car pulls like it does and they have no further action to take.

This has been the most frustrating thing. I literally have to hold the steering wheel cocked to one side or the other (depending on which direction the last turn was) just to go down the road straight.

If anyone has ANY insight, I would be forever grateful!

John DP
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