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Stiff in 2nd Gear

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I have 2006 CR-V ctdi 2.2

When I select 2nd gear it sometimes stiff and gets better when warmed up. Sometimes I feel a jolt during the change up to 2nd gear - no problems switching down to 2nd.

Is there a way of lubricating the shifter socket joint without having to tear down the whole centre console to get at it??
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If your manual transmission is similar to our North American ones, you should be replacing the manual transmission fluid every 30K miles. If you have overlooked this action, you will be surprised at how well the transmission shifts with fresh fluid.

Folks in the USA recommend Honda OEM MTF or General Motors Manual Transmission Fluid. (Don't know if the latter is available though Vauxhall sources near you?)

If you really think its a binding issue with the shifter linkage, first try spraying a penetrating oil up into the shifter area from underneath. I know that @fishycomics was an advocate of this process. And, I had an '81 Civic that benefited from lubricating the linkages.

Drive the car onto ramps or support it safely with stands!
Just seen Ed China repair a Boxer Porsche 6 pot by renewing the gear oil and filter in the gearbox,still don't know
if a bloke who had left the car for 4 years would not have made more effort to find out what was wrong than let
Mike Brewer buy it for a grand.
I always wished Edd{sic] China worked for me, as he never accounted for his labour! :giggle:

Since Edd's departure, Wheeler Dealers DOES include the man-hours required to do their repairs.
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