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I have been having this intermittent problem with my gauges warning lights. The check engine, blinking "D", VSA,....lights will come on and then sometimes the RPM needle doesn't move. But when I shut the car off, wait 30sec, turn the car back on and all is normal. I can easily reproduce this by:

1. Start the car (car is running)
2. Turn off the car to "ACC" (car off, but the radio is on)
3. Sit for about 2 mins or so, and then start the car again (from ACC)

If I do the steps above it will cause the warning lights and stuff to come on, but I can still drive the car with no side effects. If I want to avoid this problem my only way is too (if I just want to listen to radio while in my car):

1. Start the car (car is running)
2. Turn off the car to off position (basically where you can pull the key out)
3. Then turn back to ACC (Radio on for however long)
4. Start the car

If I do the above, all is well (no gauge / dash lights are on). I used my OBD scanner to scan when the lights are on, and it tells me "lost communication to gauge control module" for almost everything. I think it maybe a grounding issue with the gauges(?). But what I don't get it that is all goes away if I fully shut of the car and remove the key. It seems like that resets something. My car details are:

2007 Honda CR-V EX-L with 203,000km ( I bought the car last year with full service records and it had 186,000km at that time)

Anyone have any clue what could be causing this? it's more of an annoyance than anything else, as the car feels fine and doesn't go into limp mode.
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