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Strange thing has been happening with my 2008 CR-V diesel for quite a few months now and it's getting worse.

There's three things happening but I'm sure they are all related.

- Firstly, when the engine is cold if I pull reasonably well in 2nd gear from about 1,400rpm to 2,000rpm then change gear (basically release the pressure) there's a loud noise coming form the turbo area. It happens less often when warm and on two occasions it's happened when blasting up to about 3,500rpm and changing gear.

- Secondly, when the engine is warmed up you can constantly hear a similar but more subtle version of this sound during general driving between 1,500rpm and 2,000rpm. You also hear it more clearly when slowing up to lights and the revs fall from 2,000rpm but this is probably because the engine is quieter so you can hear it better.

- Thirdly, when stationary and you rev the engine to 2,000rpm then as the revs fall you hear the noise. This rules out any transmission, suspension etc problems.

When you take the air filter out and lift the air box lid up and rev it to 2,000rpm you can hear the subtle noise quite clearly coming from the air intake tubing that leads to the turbo.

My thoughts are that it's either the turbo or the vacuum system, possibly the intercooler. Although one mechanic did suggest (after watching the video) that it may even be the cat going bad and causing pressure to go back to the exhaust side of the turbo. The turbo is a VNT type with no external wastegate. I used copper grease spray to lubricate the rod on the turbocharger and also the spring on the Swirl Control Valve as it was a little stiff but now moves freely and I thought it had fixed it but the noise has come back and is actually worse now. Not sure if it's related.

I also read about a guy with an Audi who had a similar problem and he changed the Vacuum Solenoid switch which cured it but it may not have been the same issue.

So what do you guys think? Has anyone had a similar issue or heard this type of noise before? It's been in to Honda and they can't figure it out. They said there was a very slight resonance from the turbo but nothing to worry about and there's nothing wrong with the car. Everything else looked fine they said, but I don't have much confidence in them and if you watch the videos I'm sure you will agree that everything is definitely not right with the car.


This is when I blasted up to about 3,500rpm but this sound rarely happens at these revs:

This is what I get most of the time whilst driving and changing gear at about 2,000rpm. This is also the noise you'll get when revving it stationary:

And this is what's starting to happen more often, usually when the engine is cold. It's much louder:

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