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Ugh... so I picked up some porch furniture the other day at my local big-box home improvement store, and got their assistance loading the large box into my cargo area.

I didn't realize at the time that one of my tie-down anchors was slightly elevated, which means that when they shoved the box towards the front of the vehicle, it got caught on the anchor and jammed it in the upright position. I tried getting it loose, but it's stuck that way and probably broken.

CR-V owners--would anyone know how these anchors are attached to the cargo of the vehicle? I want to stop at my dealer to have them look at it, but I worry they won't be able to help me or will overcharge to replace it. It's important I take care of it because I don't want any future snags or damage to the inside of the vehicle or anything I am trying to load back there.

Suggestions? Anyone ever had to get this replaced?


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