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Stupid Question? 2nd gen AC system install

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Am planning on replacing most of my AC system in steps. First evacuating, then several days later replacing under the dash, then several days later another part etc.

The question is, will it be drive-able in between steps? Will any of these steps cause the condenser to lock? The belt to freeze?
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I have to replace my compressor soon. What components are you replacing?
Hi Kierlix, sorry I didn't answer sooner. I hadn't been getting responses emailed to me. I got a cheap kit with all parts, but am holding off on installing until I can get another problem fixed. The kit was cheaper than a honda compressor. If you want the kit info I can look it up, but you'll have to PM me to be sure I get your message. I don't think I can reset this post to receive messages from it.
I can't think of any reason why you would need to replace "most" parts, unless you have large numbers of leaks. If your evaporator and condenser are not leaking they are probably fine and will likely last the life of the car. If you replace the compressor/clutch and dryer and there are no further leaks you are probably good to go. If you are changing refrigerants you do need a larger condenser when going from R12 to R134A, as well as the valves/orifices.
how i can identify AC compressor black death as well others problem?
please share with me your idea guyz.

thanks in advance.
i also had the same urge to replace most HVAC parts of my 10 year old plus, 200,000+ miles 2008 crv ex-l when my cars HVAC system conked out year Oct2014. This was caused by me using those refrigerant can refills - suspecting low refrigerant on my crv

So I would say, your plan is doable as long as you have your own HVAC equipment. Since you need to evacuate refrigerant every time you touch the system.

That was even my initial plan when I tried to replace my 2008 crv ex compressor. I started to plan and made some retrofit plugs to plug HVAC lines when isolating each lines. you never leave any lines for extended period of time.
The following is a BACKGROUND ON MY HVAC repair journey:

For almost 2 years my crv does not have AC. Here in California, no AC is not to much of an issue when you drive to work early in the morning and late afternoon.

I do not have any equipment to do DIY repair on my car's hvac. And i know how expensive it is to have a dealer or a shop fix a broken compressor - where almost always the scope of work multiplies- so is the costs.

HVAC eqpt are expensive, not to mention the complexity of an HVAC system. But i was determined to repair my car's HVAC myself.

I figured that the investment in HVAC equipment was worth it since I have five(5) cars which I could use these HVAC eqpt (except for the 1993 civic del sol with freon which i donated in 2015 when I bought a new 2016 crv)

Since early 2015, for almost 2 years, i started accumulating hvac eqpt, started with hvac manifold set, vacuum pump, fieldpiece refrigerant scale, 30lb refrigerant can, refrigerant recovery tank, refrigerant recovery machine etc. I even get certified as a hvac tech online.

I was able to complete and finish my crv08 compressor and receiver drier replacement by early 2016. The plan was to go to the evaporator section next.
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