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I just successfully updated my 2018 Navi system with 2019 maps. I've been a long-time Garmin user so the process was familiar and I'd already downloaded Garmin Express on my laptop.

The process was easy, quick, and painless. It took 43 minutes to download the maps via laptop (WiFi) to the 16GB USB flash drive and 14 minutes to load into the Navi system. I used a standard 16 GB Cruzer USB stick, did not format first, and did not delete the software in the root directory; the first step, where the car writes to the USB, created the \Garmin folder and everything was automatically written to that folder.

p.s. I'm pretty happy over here in Virginia, where this procedure had the added benefit of making me sit with the car idling for a while and thus documenting that at 30F the car's heat gauge barely responded but the heater roasted me out!

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