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Hi Everyone

I am a biologist working on natural history and biogeography of snakes and other reptiles and amphibians in North America. I have been using a 06 CRV as my primary field vehicle for the past four years. It has performed pretty well to that end with only a few slip ups, but I'm looking to try to get it functioning a little more as I need it to. I was hoping that some of you who knew what mods were out there could help me out. There are a few main areas that I think could use some work. I realize the V wasn't intended for heavy "offroad" use.

Lighting -I have the factory fogs in with Sylvania "Silverstar Ultra" bulbs in the fogs, low and high beams. I often am out late at night going less than 15 mph scouring the road for snakes crossing the road. My current lighting setup is pretty good, but it does leave a few dead spots. I hope to add at least two more lights to the system, be it on the front end or up top.

Does anyone have any experience with this light bar, or other systems?

It seems that it may suit my needs by being adjustable and able to point closer to the nose of the car where I am looking for the animals, like four spotlights trained on the ground in front of the car.

Range - Sometimes it feels like this car has a gas tank the size of a small child's bladder. I'd like to go 400-500 miles between fillups. Anyone heard of a second gas tank on a CRV?

Water "Resistance" - I frequently encounter flash floods or areas of high water when I'm out in the field. Often the times that are the worst for driving are the best for amphibians. Last time I ended up in some deep stuff, water was coming up over the hood a bit - definitely a good 30 inches of water. I was impressed by how the CRV handled it. The vehicle behind me hydrolocked as soon as it hit the water. I thought I was off free from the incident until I got a P2422 code about a mile down the road and had to drain out the stupid canister. It frustrates me that the EVAP canister assembly is so low on the vehicle. Does anyone else have this problem and know how to avoid it? Maybe some form of purge or backflow valve?

One last thing - electrical interference. I'm often in areas with no cell service. Has anyone else used a CB mounted in the front half of the car? Whenever I have the windshield wipers on, the electrical interference from the motors is enough to break into the channel and overwhelm the squelch. Very frustrating. If it's raining and I need to communicate, I have to endure a back and forth whine on the radio, or put the squelch up so high that I can't hear anyone else.

I know everyone likes pictures, so here are a few. The first is a year or so ago after parts of the fender flare kit blew off in the wind in Arkansas (problem determined to be dealer not applying UV primer before adhering the parts), the second is when it still had clear coat (the day I took delivery).
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