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Wanting to put shocks, springs, spacers and hub spacers on my 06 CR-V SE. I don’t know what will fit to give me max height before wheels 5”. Please help!
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From your view, define "better performance"? For example, do you want tighter (more firm) suspension, do you want more comfort (more softer)? Performance means different things to different people....

As a side note.... I was told many times that if one lifts (raises) its suspension more than 30 mm (2.0"), it dramatically changes its geometry and it "over stresses" its many moving suspension parts too early. Thus, wearing them out too fast. Best to only lift its "old age" sagged suspension near factory specs. If one wants a monster truck look, they need to install performance lift kits - with properly angles specs.

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It’s an 06. But finding aftermarket coils and shocks for a lift kit isn’t easy to find

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