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Swapping parts from ‘07 to ‘03

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Just purchased a second gen, ‘03 to replace my 3rd gen ‘07 after a bad car wreck.

‘03 is in decent enough shape, with low miles, a new engine, new brakes and new AC.

before i scrap the ‘07, i’m wondering if i can take some of the better parts off of it to put in the 03.


the drivers seat- the 03 seat is all sunken in, and wondering if i can put the ‘07 drivers seat in. ‘03 seat is manual, while the ‘07 has electric components, at least for seat heating.

battery — the 03 has a weak battery, can i swap it for the on in my ‘07?

tires — 03 has pretty shot tires, can i use the ones from my ‘07?

is there anything else that would be worth taking out of the ‘07 before scrapping?

i want to keep this ‘03 going forever, i love the classic style with the tire on the back. One day I hope to get another first gen — it was my first car and my one true love!
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I think the CRV used a 51R group battery for most of their vehicles
All it would take is a quick look under the hood.

Just wondering, did you look under the vehicle and inspect for rust??
Salt belt cars do not last as long as southern cars.

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The battery might be the same group size (51R?), so it could fit.

Tires are larger--only 16" on 2nd gen, 17" on 3rd gen. Wheels and tires might fit but the wheel offset (and backspacing) and larger diameter of tires could cause rubbing issues.

Seats not compatible. No body/chassis/interior parts can be interchanged.

Engines similar but not the same, so, no parts directly interchangeable there either.
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