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Just purchased a second gen, ‘03 to replace my 3rd gen ‘07 after a bad car wreck.

‘03 is in decent enough shape, with low miles, a new engine, new brakes and new AC.

before i scrap the ‘07, i’m wondering if i can take some of the better parts off of it to put in the 03.


the drivers seat- the 03 seat is all sunken in, and wondering if i can put the ‘07 drivers seat in. ‘03 seat is manual, while the ‘07 has electric components, at least for seat heating.

battery — the 03 has a weak battery, can i swap it for the on in my ‘07?

tires — 03 has pretty shot tires, can i use the ones from my ‘07?

is there anything else that would be worth taking out of the ‘07 before scrapping?

i want to keep this ‘03 going forever, i love the classic style with the tire on the back. One day I hope to get another first gen — it was my first car and my one true love!
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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